The Northern Indiana Lakes British Motor Club (NILBMC) was organized in July of 2005. The club began its first year with 17 prospective members attending the first meeting. Eight years later, we now have 36+ full memberships! Our main criteria for being part of the club is that you are a British Motor enthusiast. You do not have to own a British vehicle to be a part of the club.

We are currently not holding monthly membership meetings. If meeting dates get set, they will be listed on the Calendar of Events page.

We are planning our 8th Annual Fall Out in beautiful Winona Lake, Indiana on October 4, 2014

If you have a British vehicle, or just the mere passion for LBC's (Little British Cars), you are welcome to join our club!


Be sure to check out NILBMC on our social sites around the web. Follow us on Facebook to interact with other members, browse through picture slideshows on our Photobucket, or sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds of our Youtube channel.

Do you currently own a British motor vehicle? Do you wish you did? Would you like to spend a few hours a month hanging with people who have the same interest?

To become a member of the NILBMC, simply complete the membership form through the
Become a Member link below. Print out the form, then mail it to NILBMC at the address on the left, or bring it to our next monthly membership meeting.



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